Kwong Lee Farms is a leading grower, packer, and shipper of fancy lettuces and other fresh produce in Western Canada. All of the company’s products are marketed under a label reputed for freshness, quality and value – The Big Bend Brand. The fancy lettuces, grown in the fertile lands of the Fraser valley, are consistently of a high quality, properly sized, and pre-cooled giving maximum shelf life. Food services, wholesalers, and retailers are especially conscious of quality and these customers have contributed to increase the volume outputs.

The company also handles other products from Chinese greens to other herbs. Every product is 100% locally grown.

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The plant uses cooling techniques to ensure maximum life of the fresh vegetables. Operating at high humidity, the building is comprised of pressure coolers, a hydro cooler, and a holding room for 10 plus trailer loads, and an ice plant. All products are pre-cooled to extract field immediately after harvest to maximize shelf life, and freshness. This plant is capable of pre-cooling 5,000 cases of product or approximately 200,000 pounds of vegetables daily.

Big Bend Brand

Kwong Lee Farm is committed to growing and delivering the highest quality products, ensuring fresh, crisp and delicious products. You can see and taste that commitment in everything we grow.